Creating Your Niche: Attention-Getting Strategies to Set Your First Indie Book Apart from the Virtual Pack

24 April 2017
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You've written your first indie book. Congratulations. Now how do you sell it? The market's saturated with first-time authors trying to keep their books from languishing on virtual bookshelves. What kind of marketing strategies will get your book noticed?

It's All About the Niche

Niche publishing is hot right now. A niche establishes your expertise quickly—and readers are drawn to expert analysis, educational, and self-help books. In fact, according to Publisher's Weekly, nonfiction sells better than fiction. What nonfiction niche subject catches your fancy enough to write an entire book about it?

Perhaps you're a history buff. History's a pretty generic term. Try taking your love of the past and honing it down to presidents. That's still pretty general. Now combine your love of presidential history with research about the top interests of readers who love to read about presidents. For instance, perhaps you, as the author, love to read about the 1950's, Harry S. Truman, and the Korean conflict. Now make it topical. What about North Korea and South Korea are your readers interested in the most? The potential that North Korea will incite a war?

By analyzing and writing about how North Korea and South Korea challenge the current president, and by contrasting it with how Truman handled Korea in the fifties, you're targeting readers facing that concern. Excellent research and topical tie-ins equal the perception of expertise. You've created a niche for your love of history. Your post-publishing marketing strategy should reflect those current events to keep your readers interested. Interest garners sales.

Marketing Your Niche Book

Niches set you apart. This differentiation strategy however will fall short if you don't choose the right venue to publish your book. You can self-publish, or find an indie or micro-publisher to get your book out there. Many indie book authors choose the self-publishing route through platforms like CreateSpace. Then there's still the question how to market your indie book. It helps to:

  • Use social media to target your niche audience.
  • Create accounts just for marketing your book.
  • Post daily—you can use applications like Hootsuite to post at certain times of the day for you.
  • Price your book for the indie market. Currently 99 cents to $3.99 works well.
  • Consider pre-orders to gauge interest.
  • Consider offering your book for free for a week or two.
  • Write brief excerpts to include in press releases.
  • Give blog interviews about your book.
  • Write a marketing plan for your book to help keep you on track.

Getting your book picked up by brick-and-mortar book sellers can happen. To learn more about how this works, contact services like Brodie & Co.