Does Your Business Attend Outdoor Events: Keep Your Employees Representing With The Right Corporate Outerwear

1 June 2015
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Does your business frequently take part in outdoor events? If so, you're missing a big opportunity to spread brand awareness if you aren't having your employees dress in corporate logoed outerwear.

When Reps Won't Keep Their Clothes On

Passers-by who won't take the time to actually enter a shop or office find it hard to resist stopping to check out the convenient goings-on of outdoor events. Whether it's a charity golf tournament, promotional stunt, or outdoor career fair, any outdoor public gathering is usually quick to turn into an all-out shindig. 

Of course, when flocks of people are showing up at an event that your business is participating in, you want your company representatives to be bold, bright, easy to find, and perfectly groomed. Unfortunately, if you don't provide them with the proper attire, they'll be none of these things.

You can dress your event-attending employees in the finest of matching sweaters or polo shirts with huge, in-your-face logos stretched across all of their backs, but if the wind blows too strong, or the sun shines too bright, they'll be stripping off layers or covering up logos with their own, unbranded duds. Without proper corporate apparel, your company representatives are nothing more than a few more faces in the crowd.

How much does having the right branded corporate apparel benefit your business? One American study found that, out of 2,051 people surveyed, 65 percent of them claimed they were more apt to do business with a company that utilized branded apparel because these businesses seemed safer and more secure.

Shop For Your Employees' Clothes Like You're Planning A Trip

If you want your employees to be truly prepared to represent your company through their appearance, a simple shirt won't do. You should shop for your employees' work clothing as if you were looting your own closets in preparation of a trip.

Instead of just getting some short-sleeved company shirts and calling it good, add logoed sweatshirts, jackets, and caps to your corporate apparel order. This will ensure that your employees have all the layers they need to display your brand on their body proudly at any outdoor event, regardless of the weather. 

Let Your Employees In On The Decision-Making

The weather isn't the only factor that can lead your workers to start shedding their clothes. If you provide caps or over-shirts that just aren't your employees style, or that they just don't feel comfortable in, chances are they'll be taking those hats and over-shirts off the first chance they get. To counteract this problem, allow your employees a few choices in corporate attire. 

Browse a corporate clothing catalog and make note of a few different styles of each type of clothing. Send each of your employees a memo asking them to specify which styles appeals to them more, and then order each employee their gear of choice.

For example, you could offer your employees the choice of either a fitted, logoed baseball cap, or a logoed snap-back cap. You could give them the option of button-up, collared over-shirts, or basic, flat-hem over-shirts. Your employees will be more apt to wear your corporate attire if they have some say in the decision-making of it, and as long as you stick to the same colors and logos for each piece of clothing, your employees will look polished and your brand will be evident. 

If you own a company and your employees frequently attend outdoor events, make sure they represent your company while they're at them. Give them all the logoed clothes they need to keep them comfortable and keep them showing off your business's brand. For more information or tips, contact a local corporate apparel retailer.