Creating Your Niche: Attention-Getting Strategies to Set Your First Indie Book Apart from the Virtual Pack

24 April 2017
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You've written your first indie book. Congratulations. Now how do you sell it? The market's saturated with first-time authors trying to keep their books from languishing on virtual bookshelves. What kind of marketing strategies will get your book noticed? It's All About the Niche Niche publishing is hot right now. A niche establishes your expertise quickly—and readers are drawn to expert analysis, educational, and self-help books. In fact, according to Publisher's Weekly, nonfiction sells better than fiction. Read More 

Does Your Business Attend Outdoor Events: Keep Your Employees Representing With The Right Corporate Outerwear

1 June 2015
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Does your business frequently take part in outdoor events? If so, you're missing a big opportunity to spread brand awareness if you aren't having your employees dress in corporate logoed outerwear. When Reps Won't Keep Their Clothes On Passers-by who won't take the time to actually enter a shop or office find it hard to resist stopping to check out the convenient goings-on of outdoor events. Whether it's a charity golf tournament, promotional stunt, or outdoor career fair, any outdoor public gathering is usually quick to turn into an all-out shindig. Read More